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Discover Samana: a small paradise lost in the Dominican Republic

Samana is one of the 32 provinces of the Dominican Republic. It is a region full of softness within which you can take advantage to discover magnificent landscapes and relax. Its beaches, jungles, and tourist sites attract nature lovers. If…

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Why opt for a tailor-made trip to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a true jewel of Central America. Explore this magnificent country during a trip. Organizing a customized trip will allow you to admire all the treasures that this place conceals and to visit all the must-sees. Whether you…

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Online personalized postcard printing

Gone are the conventional, unoriginal postcards sold in kiosks on every street! Now you can create your own postcards and customize them with your personal touch. Websites and apps to design personalized postcards Want to create a personalized postcard? You…

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Find the best deals on villas for rent in Martinique online

Martinique has everything to seduce travelers and vacationers. It is a leading destination in terms of travel. A perfect place to enjoy an exceptional adventure on the beaches, mountains, sugar cane fields, etc. In order to enjoy a pleasant and…

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Sustainable housing: what do we mean?

A sustainable house must be energy efficient and less expensive to use. Like the Francis Jammes Residence in Pau, it must be durable and made from materials that will not harm you or the environment. It must take into account…

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The best places for swimming in Costa Rica

As a vacation destination par excellence, Costa Rica is home to many beaches, each more beautiful than the other. If you plan to fly to this beautiful country, discover the best places where you can bask in the tropical sun….

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