Discover Samana: a small paradise lost in the Dominican Republic

Samana is one of the 32 provinces of the Dominican Republic. It is a region full of softness within which you can take advantage to discover magnificent landscapes and relax. Its beaches, jungles, and tourist sites attract nature lovers. If you like to make discoveries and enrich your knowledge, Samana will greatly amaze you.

Day trip to Samana

To make the most of your vacation, a day trip to Samana Bay in the north of the Dominican Republic is an exciting trip. You will enjoy, if you wish, a nice horseback ride. A ride that goes to the Lemon waterfall where you can refresh yourself. With its height of 50m, it is in the middle of a jungle full of vegetation. You will cross a tropical forest and see a lot of greenery. You will also visit Samana City which was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493. It will be an excursion full of adventure and surprise. For more information visit the official website of tourism in the Dominican Republic

Diving in Samana

Discover the bay of Samana by scuba diving in its turquoise waters so you can enjoy an incredible underwater view. Take the opportunity to discover the culinary specialties of the region such as Creole bread with fruits and coconuts that you can feast on. You can also admire the waters of Cayo Levantado as well as the snorkeling areas. The sunken ferry and Cayo La Farola with marine life are also areas where you can snorkel. If you like good swimming, you will be delighted.

Whale watching in Samana

In Samana, there is a whale-watching point. These whales are protected by UNESCO. Every year, 3,500 or more whales come to the warm waters of Samana to mate. This takes place from February to March. You can therefore take advantage of your trip to make new discoveries. Samana is a little piece of paradise that not everyone knows about. Its vast beaches, its catering services, and the numerous activities it offers are its assets. The tropical atmosphere that reigns over the region is there to complement your stay. All this makes Samana the perfect vacation destination.
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