The best places for swimming in Costa Rica

As a vacation destination par excellence, Costa Rica is home to many beaches, each more beautiful than the other. If you plan to fly to this beautiful country, discover the best places where you can bask in the tropical sun. Whether it's for a quiet swim with the whole family or for a range of water sports, this coastline bordered by the Pacific and Caribbean seas has something for everyone.

The most popular seaside resorts for tourists

Enjoying sunny days and festive evenings, Playa Samara is certainly one of the most popular spots among tourists. Representing the "Pura Vida" spirit so appreciated by Costa Ricans, this beach offers a relaxing and festive atmosphere all year round. For surfers, this resort is one of the must-see destinations in Costa Rica. Thanks to its exceptional setting, Samara is also ideal for ocean kayaking or diving. When the evening comes, consider sipping a cocktail in one of the restaurants along the beach. Uvita Beach is also a perfect destination for diving enthusiasts. With its fine sandy beach and beautiful setting, this resort is also very popular with tourists. When the tide is low, you can even see the "whale tail", a sandbank that has made this part of paradise popular. When the ocean is calm, remember to bring a mask and a tuba for snorkeling. You can also embark on a cruise to have a closer look at the cetaceans. Considered the spot par excellence for the surfers, Playa Santa Terasa is also an unmissable Costa Rican spot. If you like swimming and adventure, this private beach promises countless surprises with its endless sandbanks and the nature reserves located nearby. If you want to discover other paradisiacal destinations in Costa Rica, then click here.

Beaches still wild and hardly distinguished by tourists

Do you want to relax or swim in a very special place? Bahia Drake is certainly one of the unmissable Costa Rican beaches to absolutely discover. Considered one of the most beautiful in the country, this destination lost in the jungle of the Osa Peninsula offers a spectacle at the end of the world. Accessible only by boat or by walking, Bahia Drake is a wild beach where you can contemplate unparalleled sunsets. As for swimming, you will have to be careful because the water is often agitated and the currents are quite strong. Located in the Nicoya Peninsula, Playa Carrillo is very popular with tourists who prefer to get away from the hustle and bustle of popular resorts such as Samara, its neighbor. Almost always deserted, this still little distinguished beach offers a decor worthy of postcards with its coconut trees and its atypical landscape. When swimming, it is important to remain vigilant as the beach is not professionally supervised.

Unmissable beaches and places to discover

Located at the entrance of a national park, Cahuita is a stunning little Costa Rican village. Considered one of the many wonders of Costa Rica, when it comes to the Caribbean coast, this destination is home to three places to visit. Blanca Beach is undoubtedly the most attractive, but it is not ideal for swimming. To avoid problems, opt for Playa Puerto Vargas or Negra instead. Indeed, these beaches are better protected from the currents. In addition, they are equipped for swimmers. Offering an enchanting landscape, Punta Uva has several beaches, and one of them is the most beautiful in the country. The beaches of Punta Uva can be reached by walking and hiking through the jungle. In any case, they are home to wilderness areas and secret coves that are a must-see if you are visiting the area. In addition to the places for swimming, the country also abounds in several places of interest in Costa Rica. . Amon them is the Iraz├╣ volcano national park and its lunar landscapes or the Monteverde reserve, one of the most spectacular sites in Costa Rica. The latter is home to a particularly diverse fauna with hundreds of species of birds, mammals, and butterflies.
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