Online personalized postcard printing

Gone are the conventional, unoriginal postcards sold in kiosks on every street! Now you can create your own postcards and customize them with your personal touch.

Websites and apps to design personalized postcards

Want to create a personalized postcard? You should know that many sites are available to help you achieve this innovative initiative. No need to buy a conventional card that your receiver might have previously received. Today, you can create your own cards. You will then have more chances to save them carefully in a memory box or to hang them on the living room wall. Just visit a website that offers this type of service. You will find original photos sorted by category: wedding, beach, birthday, etc. The most desired themes are all available with a wide choice of illustrations that will not disappoint you. These sites offer a very user-friendly personalization system. You can select an image or make a patchwork from several photos by going to

A personalized message

On websites and mobile applications that are designed to create and print postcards, the text is typed on the computer and not handwritten. This makes the result even more aesthetic. The message can be placed wherever you want, whether it's on the front page or the back page. If you decide to put the address on one side, the other side will automatically be used for the message. You are free to choose the font that suits you: another feature that allows you to introduce your creative touch to impress your recipient. To further customize your postcard, you can add smileys to give more dynamism to the message: an approach that will make a strong impression on the person who receives this symbolic and surprising gift.

Which paper to print a postcard on?

To choose the ideal paper quality for postcard printing, you need to look at the paperweight. If you want to make a very thin model, choose a 300 grams per m2 model. If you want a more durable card, choose a 350-gram weight. In addition, a satin finish on the front and a matte finish on the back are highly recommended. Its greatest advantage is the effort of personalization that makes it a distinctive card that anyone would enjoy receiving. For a more elegant look, especially for professional use, prefer the matte finish on both sides for good quality personalized postcard printing.
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