The top 3 best destinations for snorkeling

A pleasant activity, snorkeling allows you to see the ocean floor. It makes it possible to meet the most beautiful marine species. There are many interesting places for snorkeling. Wishing to travel and practice snorkeling? Discover the three best destinations not to be missed.

Travel to the Dominican Republic for a dream snorkeling

The Samana Peninsula is among the best places on the Atlantic coast to explore for snorkeling. At the top of the peninsula, Playa Frontón is a beautiful spot. The reef remains pleasant. When the sea is calm, the water is crystal clear and the views are magnificent. You can take a boat from Playa Bonita to Cayos Las Ballenas. There are four caves surrounded by cliffs within 3 km of the beach. A snorkeling trip in Playa Sosua gives access to incredible coral reefs with various species of fish such as moray eels, hogfish, butterfly fish, and trumpet fish. The Silver Bank is a very rich marine reserve. During the winter, it hosts a variety of humpback whales. Snorkeling is the best option to observe the beautiful Turks and humpback whales. Consult with a professional to plan the best time to dive in Rep Dom.

Go to French Polynesia for an incredible dive

A secluded spot in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, French Polynesia is worth a visit to enjoy humpback whales, sharks, and stingrays. Everyone dreams of visiting French Polynesia. Moorea is one of the most famous places, with shallow lagoons. Snorkeling is very convenient to see many sharks and stingrays. On the coast, you can swim with humpback whales. You can also see various species of sharks such as grey and black tips. Enjoy several coral reefs just a few strokes away. From August to October, diving offers the opportunity to observe the huge cetaceans that visit this beautiful place.

Visit Australia for unforgettable snorkeling in the coral reefs

Snorkeling in Australia's great coral reef remains a great and unforgettable experience. During the winter in Australia, many whales head out to the coral sea, especially the dwarf whales. Known for their attraction to humans, these small whales tend to spend a lot of time with divers in the water. Seeing whales watching you is so much fun. Also, don't miss the dive at Ribbons reef. Coral-covered pinnacles rise to the surface. They contain schools of fish and sharks. On the west coast, a snorkeling trip to the Ningaloo reef makes you appreciate the colors of the reef. The water is see-through and warm. It contains turtles and wonderful big fish.
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