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Published on : 16 June 20225 min reading time

Are you planning a trip to Brazil for your next vacation? It is indispensable to record in your planner the places not to be missed during your stay. Between the culture, the sublime landscapes, and the local atmosphere, everything is breathtaking. And one thing is for sure, this country is an unforgettable destination that will amaze you in 1001 ways. However, it can be difficult to select the places to discover given the vastness of the territory. That’s why it’s important to have a list of must-see places to visit during your trips with family or friends in Brazil.

The city of Rio de Janeiro

For your trip to Brazil, it is imperative to organize a whole day to visit Rio de Janeiro. Welcome to this emblematic city of Brazil. It is also known as the “Cidade Maravilhosa” in French, the “Marvelous City”. Here, every neighborhood and street is famous. You have probably seen it in Hollywood movies or in Brazilian soap operas. When you arrive in this city, you should first visit Corcovado, the gigantic statue of Jesus that has watched over Brazilians for many years. Then, continue your discovery by passing on the Sugar Loaf, a small mountain located at the foot of the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana.

You can also take a walk in the Tijuca Forest or the Botanical Garden, the largest urban forest area in the world. If you like museums, you are invited to discover the fine arts, in the National Museum or in the Museum of Tomorrow. To finish your day, you can visit the typical neighborhood of Santa Teresa to enjoy the spectacular views of the bay, the cobblestone streets, and the streetcars. Finally, we recommend attending concerts in the streets, in cafés, and on the beaches at the birthplace of the samba. If you are in Brazil during the carnival period, you don’t want to miss the big carnival that takes place in the famous Sambodrôme. That said, for more information on the must-see places in Brazil, just visit bresil.marcovasco.fr.

Iguaçu Falls

Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Iguaçu Falls in Brazil are simply wonderful. In this place, you can stand in front of waterfalls of more than 80 m in height. A dream destination for those who like to swim in the middle of nature. The falls are bordered by a large tropical forest in which you can make guided hikes. To further entice you during your trip to Brazil, the place also offers breathtaking rainbows and a sunset worthy of a romantic movie.

If you love tropical wildlife, you can meet several species during your visit to Iguaçu Falls. Also, take time to observe the flora that abounds for your pleasure. Even if the biggest part of this natural park is in the Argentinean territory, the Brazilian part remains however spectacular. Do not hesitate to organize a special day to visit Iguaçu. It is certainly a unique place in the world.

The great Amazonian forest

Legendary and mystical, the Amazonian forest will make your dream. Its luxuriant flora and fauna, its places still unexplored by Man, and its native communities that know how to keep their customs and traditions, a trip to Brazil certainly allows you to live an unforgettable adventure. The visit to the great Amazonian forest allows you to separate yourself from the world in which you are used to living and to immerse yourself in another dimension far from technology and civilization.

There are two major Brazilian cities where you can discover the great Amazon rainforest, namely Manaus and Belém. Each one is known for its colonial architecture. You can find some interesting museums and monuments like the Bioparque, theaters, museums of natural sciences, and paleontology. After visiting these two cities, you can easily join excursions to explore the heart of the largest forest in the world, either by boat or by car. Since the Amazon is a vast forest area, it is advisable to leave over several days to better explore it. For this, you must be accompanied by local guides.

São Paulo, the heart of Brazil

São Paulo is the economic capital of Brazil. It is the largest and most dynamic city in the country. Behind its countless buildings, this metropolis also hides some wonders to visit during your trip to Brazil. If you are a history and culture lover, you should spend a few hours in São Paulo’s art, Afro-Brazilian or soccer museums, or in the abbey and the cathedral.

Moreover, modern culture is also very present in the city with street art and animations organized by young Brazilians, in every corner of the city. Paulista Avenue is a place not to be missed to discover the local atmosphere. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy more natural places in São Paulo, you can walk in the Ibirapuera parks and in the Botanical Garden. In the evening, it is recommended to attend the festive atmosphere by going to the restaurants and small bars that are typical of the economic capital.

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