The Uluru hike, a challenge to take up!

Australia is an incredible travel destination. It is home to many magnificent sites, most of which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Uluru, more distinguished as "Ayers Rock" is one of the most beautiful attractions in the country. It is a red mountain sacred to the Aborigines and is surrounded by many wonders.

Where is Uluru?

Uluru is a red plateau found in the Australian desert. It is an emblematic site of the country. Located in the Outback in the heart of the desert, this inselberg with a height of 348 meters deserves a small detour. It is moreover classified as the second monolith in the world with a part hidden under the ground. On the base, we find rock paintings of a rare beauty made by the ancestors thousands of years ago. For the Aborigines, it is a sacred mountain. Therefore, it is forbidden for the descendants to go up there. On the other hand, hundreds of tourists pass by every year to enjoy the beautiful sunset. To visit Uluru, you have to travel 2,300 km from Melbourne or 2,000 km from Perth. This means that it takes several days by car to get to this mythical site. Alice Spring is the closest place. It is only less than 500 km from Ayers Rock. If you are short of time, it is advisable to take a plane. Domestic flights lead to the airport which is 30 km from the site.

Why organize a hike?

For sportsmen, hiking around Uluru or Ayers Rock will allow them to discover the site from another angle. You can find trails that allow you to discover the big rock from all sides. Most of them are accessible to people with reduced mobility and strollers, except the Base Walk. The Base Walk is the most distinguished. It allows you to go around the red mountain in 4 hours at a distance of 10 km. It is an easy trail. Nevertheless, the heat is stifling there. Therefore, plan to leave in the early morning and return before 11 am. Just after half a kilometer of walking, you can discover the Kuniya Walk where you will see a famous water hole: the Mitujilu Water. To get to the Anangu ceremonial sites, you have to take the Mala Walk trail. On average, it takes about 45 minutes (2 km) to reach the site. The Lungkata Walk is a 4 km walk. The hike can last between 1.5 and 2 hours and will offer you the opportunity to explore and learn more about the Blue Tongue Lizard Man. There is also the Liru Walk, a 4km round trip trail that will take you to the base of Uluru.

How to make a great hike in Uluru?

Uluru is an unmissable site in Australia at Kata Thuta in Uluru National Park. For an extraordinary visit, you can opt for a guided hike. The Aborigines will be happy to share their traditions and cultures with you through the different tours. Walking tours do not require good physical condition. Even people with reduced mobility can take some of the trails. If you want to take the Base Walk tour with a young child, it is recommended to use a baby carrier to make the trip easier. Don't worry, there are plenty of shaded areas along the way where you can rest for a while before heading back out. It is important to note that the sun will always be present in the Outback desert. Therefore, wear a hat and apply sunscreen generously before each trip. Also, bring at least 1.5 liters of water per person as well as protein bars. This will allow you to snack on the road.

When to visit Uluru?

Of course, you can visit Uluru Australia all year round. Nevertheless, the temperature is more clement from May to September. It rarely exceeds 30°C. Walking is then more pleasant. On top of that, you avoid the rainy period. At night, the temperature is cooler. The hottest time of the year is from October to March. The rain is abundant and is regularly accompanied by showers and thunderstorms. However, the waterfalls of Uluru fill up with rainwater offering an exceptional show. If you prefer to admire the wildlife, it is more beautiful between August and September. You will be able to admire the beauty of the greenery in another way. To access the Uluru Kata thuta park, you must buy a pass valid for 3 days. However, an extension is possible if you request it in order to stay up to 5 days on the site. There are also other popular sites that you should not miss during your stay in Australia: Sydney, the Great Barrier Reef, Kangaroo Island, Great Ocean Road, Tasmania, and many others.
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